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Sleepypod is an innovative design and manufacturing company specializing in pet travel and safety products. We are dedicated to always keeping a step ahead of the pack in our industry so working with the right media relations and marketing company is critical. For the past 12 years HBD Media has been effective in so many facets of our marketing and media efforts. We have had a consistently high volume of editorial coverage in print, television and online. 
They excel in these areas: strategic planning, eloquent copy writing, in depth knowledge of our products and our competitors’ products,  attention to the smallest details, ability to meet our deadlines no matter how tight the schedule is, social media brand building, and most importantly HBD Media completes every task with the best attitude.
We never, ever have to worry when they are working on our marketing or media efforts. This team is very easy to work with because they are intelligent and down to earth. We wholeheartedly recommend HBD Media to any company that wants to have a rock solid media and marketing team they can trust.
Michael Leung • Co-founder
As an emerging company I was looking for marketing professionals who would take the time to understand me, my company's ethos, and my brand potential and craft unique strategies tailored to my needs. I found that company, and much more, in HBD Media. What really impressed me was their dedication to knowing me and my business. Their devotion to client knowledge showed in the extreme quality and effectiveness of their work. Consider this factual proof of their product: HBD Media transformed our website and social media platforms from a static information-based construct to a wholly new and robust marketing design that has tripled our business contacts, and doubled our contracts, over the past six months. Now that is return on investment! If you are looking for a company with which to grow, one that will truly serve as a trusted partner, team with HBD Media.
Paul Callan • Creator
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